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Wine Glossary of Crete

Crete hosts one of the largest vineyards in Greece, in terms of both size and production. The Cretan vineyard has the longest history and continuous presence in Europe, if not in the entire world. Archaeological findings and historical sources have proven that the Cretan vineyard has never ceased to produce wine from the Minoan times to the present day.

Glossary of wine tourism in Crete

Dafni: The various aromas of Dafni bring to mind the well-known plant dafni (laurel), hence its name. Quite a remarkable variety, whose scarcity is matched by the rarity of its taste character.

Kariki: Line of vines in a linear vineyard.

Kofa: Tall woven basket (with a capacity of around 50 kg) used to carry grapes from the vineyard to the wine-press.

Kotsifali: Soft and mellow, full of plum fragrances, the fleshy Kotsifali can be described as the Cretan equivalent of Merlot. Jointly responsible for the wonderful PDO Peza and Archanes wines.

Kourmoula: Grapevine plant.

Koutsokorfizo: To cut the tip of vine shoots.

Ksefilizo: To remove leaves from the base of the vine or entire shoots with no fruit.

Liatiko: Excellent red variety which gives unique sweetness and character. The mind-blowing sweet and dry PDO Sitia and Dafnes wines are indisputable proof.

Logado: Vineyard with various local varieties.

Malvazia di Candia: This special clone of the aromatic Malvazia has returned to the fore, offering a real scented bouquet to both sweet and dry wines of the island.

Mantilari: Wild and untamed like the Cretan land and its people, Mantilari is considered to be the king of native red varieties. This is where the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Peza and Archanes wines draw their strength from.

Muscat of Spina: This clone of Muscat is a small-grape treasure. In fact, its thin skin skyrockets the fine character of the dry wines it offers.

Plyto: Yet another variety recently saved from extinction, Plyto completes the mosaic of Cretan aromas and tastes with its refreshing acidity, its lemon scent and its lightness.

Romeiko: A particularly resistant variety which gives lively red wines with high alcohol content, average acidity and variable color – due to the distinctive variegated grapes growing on the numerous branches of the plant. The traditional wine Marouvas, which resembles sherry, is made out of this variety.

Thrapsathiri: A variety grown everywhere in Crete, offering balanced wines, rich in flavor.

This is where the white PDO Sitia wines draw their particular taste from.

Tsaprazi: Saw-like, crescent-shaped folding knife with a wooden handle, used in vine-harvesting.

Vidiano: Unique apricot aroma, rich body, transfixing creamy taste. These elements make  Vidiano the rising diva of the Cretan vineyard and justify its qualifying as Greece’s Viogner!

Vilana: The island’s white star, Vilana, makes an appearance in the PDO Peza or Sitia wines with its fascinating fine aroma, its light taste and its refreshing lemon-scented acidity.

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